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Forest managemenT


The North Carolina Present-Use Valuation Program allows landowners who own and manage 20 or more acres for commercial timber production a property tax deferment. To meet this criteria, forest management plans are developed as a guide to assist the landowner in management. These plans are based upon the landowner's goals and assess multiple aspects including:

  • Forest Health and Productivity

  • Forest Stand Descriptions and Classification

  • Species Composition and Volume

  • Waterways

  • Soil Types

  • Wildlife Resources

Timber inventory and appraisal


Landowners who own forested property can have a true estimate of their timber volume and estimated value through a timber appraisal report. An appraisal can assist the landowner in the future while planning land management and financial goals. These reports can also be of assistance in timber trespass cases. An appraisal includes:

  • An overall resource assessment

  • Timber volumes by species

  • Mapped areas to consider for timber harvesting

  • Estimated values of the timber based on current markets

Timber sales and

harvest oversight


There are many different aspects to a successful timber sale and harvest. Bishop Forestry and Land, PLLC handles all components including:

  • Assessing timber volume

  • Marketing timber to all potential buyers

  • Ensuring fair market value

  • Developing a harvest plan for the project

  • Contract development

  • Maintaining all regulatory compliance

  • Making sure the landowner is completely satisfied

Geospatial mapping

and drone imagery



Maps and drone photos allow landowners to see their property from another point of view and gives consulting foresters a tool to assess land from above. Bishop Forestry and Land, PLLC uses GIS software and drone imagery for: 

  • Property assessment

  • Property Maps

  • Management area maps

  • Viewshed analysis

  • Residential and Commercial real estate photos

000_Iron Duff_ Road_Waynesville-08.jpg

Farm/rural land improvement




Many landowners need improvements on unimproved land. Bishop Forestry and Land, PLLC is happy to assist in landowners in planning a number of improvements including: 

  • Pasture Improvement

  • Agricultural Ponds

  • Unimproved Road Layout

  • Woodlot Clearing

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